Introduction to nRF Connect SDK. Nordic Semiconductor 4.592 views9 months ago. 8:19. Power Profiler Kit and nRF Connect for Desktop - Getting started. How to use nRF52840 USB Dongle and nRF Connect for emulating a BLE peripheral. Novel Bits 5.180 views1 year ago.
GS1 provides a common language that ensures key processes run smoothly in several big industries. Get to know GS1 standards and contact us for more information!

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KDE Connect allows devices to securely share content like notifications or files and other features like SMS messaging and remote control. The KDE Connect team has applications for Linux, BSD, Android, Sailfish and Windows. Please restart GNOME Shell after updating!
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The nRF Desktop is a reference design of a Human Interface Device (HID) that is connected to a host through Bluetooth LE or USB, or both. Depending on the configuration, this application can work as desktop mouse, gaming mouse, keyboard, or connection dongle.
Open nRF Connect for Desktop. Find the Programmer app in the list of apps and click Install. Once the app is installed, you can launch it by clicking Open. For easy access, you can create a desktop shortcut by clicking the arrow down button and selecting Create shortcut.

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nRF Connect for Desktop (Figure 2) is a cross-platform development environment for Nordic's cellular IoT and Bluetooth Low Energy products. It runs on Windows, Linux® and macOS personal computers and provides tools for auto-detecting development boards, testing and monitoring LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity, and a Getting Started Assistant for installing the development tools and SDK needed for application development.

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